Carmody MacDonald Scores Big Win for City of St. Louis and City Taxpayers

The Carmody MacDonald legal team of Jerry Carmody, Ryann Carmody and Chris Kellett scored a big win for the City of St. Louis and City taxpayers on Thursday after an eight-day jury trial that ended with a 23-minute verdict in favor of the City.

Don Carmody, Founding Partner, Receives ICON Award from Missouri Lawyers Weekly

Missouri Lawyers Weekly names 25 men and women attorneys age 60 and older for their inaugural ICON Awards in recognition of their exemplary careers and longstanding commitment to the Missouri legal community.

Carmody MacDonald Lawyer Wins $494,000 Jury Verdict in Breach of Contract Case

In a recent five-day jury trial in St. Louis County, Todd Hamby earned a verdict in a breach of contract case in favor of Carmody MacDonald's client.

Developments in Post-Discharge Product-Liability Settlements

Becky Eggmann and Rob Eggmann, Principals, authored an article for the March 2018 issue of the American Bankruptcy Institute Journal.

David Stoeberl, Principal, Named a "Top Small Business Lawyer" by St. Louis Small Business Monthly

When asked about his advice for small businesses, Dave said, “Being a small business owner and finding yourself in a dispute that leads to litigation can be a scary situation with unknown repercussions for you and the business. Your attorney is your ally, so work with him/her, not against him/her."