Carmody MacDonald Trial Team Wins Unanimous Jury Verdict in Defense of Multi-Million Dollar Tort Claim

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI - On December 1, 2017, the trial team of Dave Stoeberl, Tina Babel, and Eddie Ernst received entry of judgment on all counts after a jury previously entered its verdict for a client in St. Charles County. The trial lasted seven days, but the jury deliberated for only four hours in reaching its unanimous decision for our client in a complex commercial dispute alleging conspiracy and tortious interference. The plaintiff had originally sought at least $8.9 million, and in closing of the trial asked for up to $5.4 million from the jury. The plaintiff also asked the Court to enter equitable relief against the client, which was rejected as well.

Lead trial counsel, Dave Stoeberl, credits the long hours and team approach for securing a favorable verdict. He said, “This is why we practice at a great firm like Carmody MacDonald. We have top-notch, experienced trial lawyers who are able to make complex commercial disputes relatable to the common experiences of jurors.”

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