Carmody MacDonald Podcast - Episode 1 - Death of a Business Partner

Attorney Tina Babel discusses the importance of planning ahead for the death of a business partner or owner.

Three Questions to Ask When Contacting a Bankruptcy Law Firm

When evaluating choices for bankruptcy lawyers in St. Louis, it's important to ask questions at the onset of the relationship to help you make an informed decision on appropriate representation.

Tips for Avoiding a Lawsuit When Letting an Employee Go

Terminating an employee is one of the most sensitive areas for business owners to navigate, and is a common place for lawsuits to erupt. Even frivolous lawsuits with no merit can take months or years to resolve, at tremendous cost. Recently, I helped a client solve a personnel problem quickly, without the stress or expense of litigation.

Startups Need a Trusted Corporate Law Firm

When forming a new startup business or company, it is critical to consult with a trusted attorney on what legal considerations are essential to your operations, funding, products, services, or employees.

Can your client's website put its business at risk?

A website with all of the bells and whistles that is not legally safe, secure and compliant can put your client's business and customers at risk. Although requirements may differ from business to business, here are 10 issues your client should consider that will help keep its website on the right side of the law.