Workplace Holiday Events: Hold the Eggnog and Ditch the Mistletoe

Employer sponsored holiday events can be fraught with pitfalls. Balancing the interests of nervous employers and festive employees can be challenging. Here are a few considerations to keep your holiday festivities in check.

Protecting Your Young Adult Child

From the first moment you hold your child in your arms, parents serve the important role of caretaker for their children. Many consider parental guidance to be a duty for life. However, in the eyes of the law, everything changes when your child turns 18.

2018 Election: Can Your Homeowners Association Limit Owners' Display of Political Signs?

If you serve on the Board of your Homeowners Association, you might be asking yourself, or holding emergency meetings trying to determine, where is the line between maintaining community standards and uniformity without trampling on owners' fundamental rights?

Carmody MacDonald Podcast - Episode 1 - Death of a Business Partner

Attorney Tina Babel discusses the importance of planning ahead for the death of a business partner or owner.

Three Questions to Ask When Contacting a Bankruptcy Law Firm

When evaluating choices for bankruptcy lawyers in St. Louis, it's important to ask questions at the onset of the relationship to help you make an informed decision on appropriate representation.