How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Increased Coworking Space Demand

By Ashley N. Dowd (June 8, 2021) - Despite the COVID-19 pandemic uncertainty, markets have demonstrated a demand for coworking or flexible workspace will continue to grow.

Trends in M&A: Post-Closing Purchase Price Adjustments and Indemnification Claims

By Patrick W. Keating (May 7, 2021) - A recent study published by SRS Acquiom focused on purchase price adjustments and indemnification claims based on an analysis of 574 private-target transactions that took place during the period from Q3 2018 through Q3 2020.

Can Employers Legally Require Their Employees to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine?

By Candace E. Johnson (April 1, 2021) - As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes more widely available, many employers are asking if they can require employees to receive the vaccine and the risks in doing so.

COVID-19 Health Crisis Increases Importance of Boilerplate Lease Provisions

By Andrew J. Williams (January 11, 2021) - While the COVID-19 pandemic has obviously resulted in far-reaching and fundamental impacts to the commercial real estate market, one phenomenon I have noticed in my leasing practice is the increased interest and focus my clients have on lease provisions that they previously thought of as "boilerplate."

Financing Issues Surrounding Modular Construction

By Elizabeth A. Barrett (November 10, 2020) - Modular construction is touted as being faster, better and cheaper than traditional construction; however, many traditional commercial lenders are hesitant to toss their hat in the ring and lend money to such projects due to the collateral timing issues involved with such financing. Understanding the basic distinctions between the applicability of governing law is crucial to structuring the modular build contract and avoiding potential pitfalls.