Missouri Supreme Court Clarifies Procedure for Challenging Timeliness of Discrimination and Retaliation Claims

The Missouri Supreme Court recently clarified the procedure for employers to challenge the timeliness of discrimination and retaliation complaints.

Hot topic - The Expiry of LIBOR

Carmody MacDonald Principal, Angie Drumm, discusses the expiration of LIBOR and its implications for lenders.

Loan Documentation 101 – Reg B & Spousal Signatures

Angie Drumm, a Principal at Carmody MacDonald, shares insights on Regulation B and requiring Spousal Signatures.

Cheers for Copyright: In Star Athletica, L.L.C. v. Varsity Brands, Inc. Reminds Businesses Not to Rule Out Copyright Protection

While most business owners and executives are aware of the value of protecting their trademarks and patents that they use in their businesses, many assume that copyright protection exists primarily for artists and their artistic expressions.

A Warning to Homeowners and Condominium Associations

Stephen Davis

Could your street and common elements be sold from right under your feet?