Buying and Selling a Home: What Sellers Must Disclose and What Buyers Should Look For

Spring time brings showers and home sales. Here is some information for both sellers and buyers during the process of closing a home sale.

Court of Appeals to Board: Follow Your Governing Documents!

A recent decision by the Missouri Court of Appeals is a reminder to homeowners and condominium associations of the importance of reading and complying with their governing documents.

Beware of the Extra Space: Court Rules UCC-1 Financing Statement Ineffective for Minor Punctuation Error

A recent federal court decision applying the Uniform Commercial Code adopted in Wisconsin serves as an important reminder for preparers of UCC-1 financing statements (UCC-1) to double, or even triple check, their UCC-1s prior to filing since even a minuscule error may make them ineffective.

To Read or Not to Read: That shouldn’t be the question when talking about the fine print

Read Chris Lawhorn's latest blog post on the importance of reading the fine print of any contract.

Missouri Supreme Court Clarifies Procedure for Challenging Timeliness of Discrimination and Retaliation Claims

The Missouri Supreme Court recently clarified the procedure for employers to challenge the timeliness of discrimination and retaliation complaints.