Fannie Mae Issues Temporary Single-Family Loan Eligibility Requirements in Wake of Surfside Tragedy

By Stephen G. Davis (October 15, 2021) - Management companies of condominium buildings should be aware that these new requirements could have a significant impact on condominium owners' ability to sell their units.

Can your website be putting your business at risk?

By Brian C. Behrens (October 12, 2021) - A website with all of the bells and whistles that is not legally safe, secure and compliant can put your business and customers at risk. Although requirements may differ from business to business, here are 10 issues business owners should consider that will help keep their website on the right side of the law.

New Bankruptcy Law Provides Welcome Changes for Small Contractors

By Robert Eggmann and Tom Riske (October 8, 2021) - Last year, the federal Small Business Reorganization Act ("SBRA") became law, added a new "Subchapter V" to Chapter 11 that streamlines bankruptcy procedures for small contractors and provides new tools designed to achieve more successful restructuring. Subchapter V should be welcome news for many small contractors facing financial difficulties, although individual circumstances will dictate whether this is the right course of action.

Ban the Box – Removing Criminal History Questions from Hiring Applications

By Amelia J. Bresette (July 12, 2021) - The City of St. Louis' "Ban the Box" ordinance is intended to ease barriers to employment for applicants with criminal histories by restricting when and how employers can inquire about and use an applicant's criminal history when making hiring and promotional decisions.

A Case Study in HOA Litigation

By Stephen G. Davis (July 1, 2021) - There are many important lessons for board members and community managers to take away from a new Missouri Supreme Court opinion on an HOA case in Boone County.