In the highly regulated environment for banks and bank holding companies, knowing when to worry and when not to worry is important. Our financial services team counsels and guides clients through these critically important regulatory matters.

From product development to mergers and acquisitions, the bank regulatory concerns are always there. Our team regularly advises on the following types of transactions:
  • Formation of product-specific subsidiary
  • Branch acquisition
  • Loan to one borrower limitations
  • Customer privacy
  • Third party vendor due diligence/contractual relationships
  • Annual policies review and alignment
  • De novo charter
  • Acquisition
  • Change of Control (intentional and unintentional)
  • Marijuana industry lending
The intensity of the oversight, and its focus, vary over time, but be assured that there will always be a handful of subject matters that will be in the spotlight. Our financial services team is here to help you address, manage and comply with any regulatory issues that you encounter.

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