Carmody MacDonald Presents Legal Practice Excellence Award at Washington University

Ten second-year law students at Washington University in St. Louis received the Carmody MacDonald Legal Practice Excellence Awards for outstanding performance in the class during their first year of law school.

The recipients for the 2014-2015 school year were: Casey Breese, Christie Carrino, Casey Donahoe, Benjamin Farley, Rebecca Gosch, Erika Hanson, Robert Iversen, Paul Knettel, Cary Simowitz, and Jordan Turban.

The students were recognized for consistently drafting high quality memoranda and briefs, and for otherwise significantly contributing to the class as first-year law students. Attorney David H. Luce gave the award address.  He congratulated the recipients and stressed the importance of excellence in writing and clear communication in the legal profession. Mr. Luce reassured the awardees that while law school initially may feel disorienting, it is all part of a process designed to teach them how to think logically and analytically. Combined with their strong communication skills, law school will arm them with the ability to use legal reasoning to advocate the best outcomes for their clients. 

This was the seventh consecutive year Carmody MacDonald sponsored the awards.