Emerging Businesses

The beginning of a new business’ journey is a blend of excitement and anxiety: Have I done enough planning? Where are the unknown contingencies? When will I need outside guidance and counseling? Will I need a Plan B to sustain the business?

In these circumstances, guidance from those who have gone down this road before can provide comfort and insight. At different stages of the journey, different perspectives and levels of counseling are essential.

We invite you to bring our lawyers along in your journey and gain the benefit of their counseling of clients on similar journeys. The areas of talent we offer are undoubtedly familiar to you: formation (choice of entity), relations among equity owners, taxation, incentive compensation plans, equity and debt structures (including private placements), securities compliance, intellectual property, employment, and contracts (employees, customers, contractors, vendors and other third parties). These substantive legal needs are moving parts, and are either front and center or in the background, depending upon the particular stage of your journey.

Invite us along. We wish you the best of success and look forward to sharing the excitement with you.